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3 Helpful Tips on Choosing Window Treatments

Windows make it possible for homeowners to effortlessly add a light, warm feeling into their space. But of course, with that kind of exposure, there will always be prying eyes on the outside which can be very uncomfortable for any homeowner. So how do you get the best of both worlds? Window treatments are a great way to manage that sunlight while still getting the privacy that you want. However, while realizing the need for window treatments might seem effortless and immediate, choosing the right ones isn’t quite as carefree. Anyone who’s in the market for window treatments should know better than to sacrifice sunlight for privacy or vice versa. Wondering how to make the right choice? Find out here.

1. Think About the Thickness – An ultra sheer fabric will let lots of light in, but will also expose you to those on the outside. Of course, thicker alternatives can give you the privacy that you want, but they’re also likely to keep out any light. Consider the space you’re adding window treatments to when thinking of the right material or thickness. A bathroom, for instance, that doesn’t get too much light can be completely blacked out with thick curtains that maximize privacy. Provide enough light without losing privacy by using window treatments light frosted glass panes.

2. Think of the Room – There are rooms that need more light, then there are those that need more privacy. To choose the right window treatments for your space, think of the room you plan on adding them to. Anyone knows that sunlight can make it hard to sleep in during the day, especially when it blares in through the windows while you’re still in bed. The best solution for this problem would be to equip your room with blackout curtains which you basically drop when you want complete privacy and darkness just like those lazy weekend mornings you want to spend in bed.

3. Don’t Forget Aesthetic – You don’t want to buy window treatments that make your space look like a mess. Don’t forget to take aesthetic into consideration when you buy your window treatments. Don’t limit yourself to just drapes and curtains because there are a whole lot of other options available if you just look for them. Shutters, blinds, and even stained glass windows are all great for adding privacy to your space without sacrificing sunlight, so check those out before you make your choice.

Source: window treatment blog